Victoria GDI-TW3USB 7-in-One Stereo Entertainment Center

The Victoria GDI Tune Writer is a full pack of recording device. It is a seven in one stereo entertainment device that has a built in download capabilities to PC and MAC. This device will let you convert your old vinyl and cassette collection into digital music file format. This product s a multi functioning music system which is equipped with a unique recoding feature which allows you to record your music from your old vinyl collection, cassette or AUX directly to your computer. You will be able to digitally record your audio tracks with a bundled software sound editor. This device will convert music file to a MP3 format so that you will have the privilege to play this in your respective IPods.

Victoria GDI Tune writer is the perfect solution for capturing the high quality music of your collections from your vinyl and cassette tapes which were stored many years ago and deteriorating inside your attic. This Tune writer will record all of these making it digital and will be stored forever in your computer or external hard disks. You will be able to share the music file to your friends and family members who is into music. The turntable is designed with a retro look but with modern features and specifications. The design of the product will compensate with the old music collections. It even has the LCD display for It to really appear as old school. The device is very flexible and has the capability to play all forms of music source such as vinyl albums, cassette tapes , compact discs and also your favorite AM / FM radio stations.

Product features and specifications:

  • It  is a multifunction Retro Turntable with Record Player, Cassette Player, CD Player and AM/FM Stereo
  • It has three speed options and plays 33, 45 and 78 RPM records
  • It has an automatic tone arm that automatically return to its original position after play
  • It has a two full-range speakers deliver stereo sound with built in headphone jack for private listening and RCA line outputs to optionally connect to other recorder or stereo
  • Records to PC or Mac using the built in USB port & included Audacity Sound Editor software
  • It is designed with a paprika Wood Style Cabinet

Victoria GDI-TW3USB 7-in-One Stereo Entertainment Center with Built-In Download to USB/PC or Mac Review

Most reviews of this product are positive statements. The product helped many people who were born on the 50’s and 60’s. Because of the fast improvement of technology, they were running out of means to play their old vinyl collections. With the software called Grace Digital Audio, the Victoria GDI Tune writer turned their worries to joy. They were able to copy and convert their music files into a digitized music formats. This enabled them to play their favorite old school music to the latest entertainment technology. Also on positive comment is that the product has the capability of copying and recording from cassettes and vinyl to compact discs.

All in all the product review rating is high and worth the money spent.

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